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Entry #1

Hello world!

2010-06-14 18:46:07 by CoreClock

We'll I guess I'll start out with a "Hello". Well...... HELLO newgrounds!!


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2010-06-15 22:35:12

Are you a REAL clock?

CoreClock responds:

How did you know!? My secret down the drain!


2010-06-19 23:07:36

So...are you a clock crew member?

CoreClock responds:

I'm NOT a member of the "clock crew". My name just happens to have clock in it. Just google my name and you'll see where I got it.


2010-07-09 20:58:01

HELLO CoreClock!

CoreClock responds:

Hi there!


2011-01-03 01:07:04

I've seen your sketched drawing, I like them. I guess when you start practicing more and start cleaning them up a little more, they are going to be great :D

CoreClock responds:

Yeah thanks, working on getting better and cleaning them up. So far, I've seen minor improvement on myself and that's a good thing at the very least. Hopefully I can get better.


2011-05-25 16:07:36

shit dude i love your id

CoreClock responds:

cool thanks, im glad you like it